VOL 3 • ISSUE 379 • May 20 • 2010
About Us
WELCOME DJs, Music Industry professionals and music fans. UPDATE ONLINE will be here for you every Wednesday from noon GMT London (or 7am New York time etc.).

We’ve been publishing UPDATE the world’s only weekly dance music review for many many years. It started out of a casual conversation between myself and Pete Tong who bemoaned the fact the UK didn’t have a reliable weekly dance music chart. Since then DMC has committed to a weekly that provides detailed charts for all types of dance music genre together with the chart we’re particularly proud about the industry standard BUZZ CHART.

UPDATE has spent it’s life being posted to the music industry, record labels, record stores and DJ professionals. The labels use it to flag up their new releases, the stores use it to order new stock and the DJs use it to decide what’s going to dominate their sets.

For a period of time UPDATE ONLINE will be available free of charge to everyone everywhere. This will become your first port of call for the upfront BUZZ CHART and in time the reviews will eventually have sound bites so you can read and hear the review in all its glory!

DMC welcomes dance fans from around the world to UPDATE ONLINE - DJs around the world should tell their record stores about the charts and reviews so they can order product directly from the labels. There is no better place where they can receive such detailed dance news and professional reviews.

Tony Prince.